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Arbee Associates is a full service office furniture dealer. Arbee provides architectural, furniture and technology products, services and solutions for corporations, small businesses, federal government, state and local government, healthcare, higher education, law firms and the Architectural and Design community.

Classroom: The Case for Change

Arbee Associates Education Solutions and Steelcase presents: a new classroom paradigm: a learning ecosystem No learning space is more in need of fresh design thinking than the classroom. Given its pivotal role, architects, designers and educators are reconsidering a new … Continue reading

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The node chair: Keeping Pace with Active Learning

Amidst a variety of changes in education, both educators and designers of learning spaces are rethinking the classroom, looking for a comprehensive space  that incorporates userfriendly  technology, flexible  furniture, and other tools  that support active learning. Laptops, whiteboards and handheld … Continue reading

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Welcome to our blog! Arbee Associates is committed to providing the latest insights, resources and products regarding learning environments. Thanks for dropping in and keep checking back for more information.

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